General construction works

The concept of “general construction work” includes a set of activities, ranging from drawing up a project and ending with the commissioning of a building.

JSC «TSENTROENERGOMONTAZH» is engaged in the implementation of general construction works for the construction of objects of different directions and purposes. Our company fulfills orders for the construction of monolithic structures and buildings based on metal structures, as well as assembles objects from sandwich panels. We undertake the whole range of necessary work:

• development of the project and its approval;

• earthworks for the preparation of the territory;

• arrangement of the foundation and construction of floors;

• installation of partitions and interior decoration;

• summing up and connecting all communications.

Such an integrated approach to construction brings undeniable benefits. Customers do not have to turn to different contractors to perform a specific type of work. Our company undertakes the implementation of most of the stages of the project, which allows us to commission the facility in a short time, as well as coordinate possible changes directly.

The complete list of general construction works performed by JSC «TSENTROENERGOMONTAZH» is as follows:

  • preparation of the territory;
  • selection of soil and other earthworks;
  • pile driving and soil stabilization;
  • erection of monolithic structures made of concrete and reinforced concrete;
  • fastening of mounted structures made of concrete and reinforced concrete;
  • arrangement of stone structures;
  • assembly of metal structures;
  • installation of components made of wood;
  • installation of protective structures for building components, pipelines and other equipment;
  • roofing;
  • facade finishing;
  • summing up engineering communications;
  • water supply to the building;
  • connection of heating networks;
  • building a gas pipeline;
  • connection to the building of the power grid;
  • installation of any structures;
  • commissioning activities;
  • construction of roads and airfield take-off fields;
  • construction of bridges, overpass, junctions;
  • works related to hydraulic engineering, including diving

Construction of monolithic buildings and structures

JSC «TSEM» carries out the construction of buildings and structures made of reinforced concrete, starting with the complete preparation of the construction site. The features of monolithic reinforced concrete are such that its use makes it possible to implement almost any architectural project, regardless of the purpose of the future object.

Manufacturing and installation of buildings from metal structures from sandwich panels

This construction method allows you to erect a building or structure as soon as possible. After the installation of underground structures (foundations, supports, communications, etc.), load-bearing frames, floors, stairs, platforms are erected. JSC «TSEM» carries out the construction of buildings of any purpose from metal structures and panels, both according to the customer’s drawings and according to its own projects.

Finishing of industrial premises

When decorating industrial premises, it is important to minimize the downtime of the enterprise or bring them to zero. Our specialists will carry out all the necessary work with minimal losses for the customer. Such optimization is possible due to the use of JSC «TSENTROENERGOMONTAZH»  modern technologies and materials.