Commissioning works

Construction and installation are completed with commissioning. The task of the commissioning engineers is to test and check the availability of the equipment, its general and adjustment of individual units, as well as engineering systems, units, mechanical devices connected to the equipment.

This stage is designed to identify possible miscalculations made during installation, factory defects and equipment defects, which appear only during detailed analysis and trial run.

The main aim of the commissioning is to analyze the operability and adjust the equipment for operation in normal production conditions, both in design and operating mode, with the connection of all circuits and mechanisms serviced by the equipment. With the help of commissioning, you can check in practice how the equipment complies with state standards, manufacturer’s accompanying documentation, technical standards and working documentation requirements for this type of product.

Commissioning and pre-setting of power equipment include:

• adjustment of each unit separately with trial runs;

• preparation and testing of the equipment in the complex;

• express testing of equipment when operating in different modes;

• Commissioning of the main equipment and auxiliary units of power plants