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Historical Review


Joint Stock Company Tsentroenergomontazh (JSC TSEM) – is one of the major organizations in the Republic of Belarus specialized in energy construction.

The Company started its operation in March, 1944, in the capacity of an installation and production branch of the All-Union Trust “Tsentroenergomontazh”. At present the Company is steadily developing and has excellent future prospects.

In 2019 JSC Tsentroenergomontazh celebrated the 75th anniversary. Such a prominent date should always serve as a certain milestone, an occasion when the years-long work should be summed up. The company’s 75 years is the age of adulthood, the period favourable to put the creative potential into effect.

Nowadays TSEM is a tight-knit team of competent experts numbering about 1000 employees, assuring high quality production, based on the requirements of ISO 9000 standards, the norms of the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation and the European Union.

TSEM today:

– is an ambitious and pragmatic team of managers

–   is a tough line towards quality assurance practice in delivering services and manufacturing products

– is conformity with high standards in the course of treatment Customers’ demands and orders

Our history is built up of experience, dedication to work and professional competence of thousands of colleagues working for the construction and installation complex – all efforts were given to create a powerful energy industry, the benefits of which are shared by people on the CIS territory and in many countries of the world.

The results of our work can be demonstrated by dozens of power plants, generating light, heat and power for a great number of machines, machine tools and mechanisms in all industrial branches, all scientific and technical fields.

We’ve got a lot of partners and friends. In cooperation with our colleagues from Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Greece our company took part in construction works of all major power-generating plants and facilities “from Moscow to the borderlands” of the former great country, including the territory of the Republic of Belarus. The support of our colleagues – energy constructors – is a half-way to successful coordination of all operations and resources management on major project sites of our Republic and boosts competitiveness on the world market.

The Company is ready to work in compliance with up-to-date requirements, employing new approaches to solving various tasks on power plants construction, modernization and reconstruction including nuclear power facilities. Within the period of 2004 – 2011 JSC Tsentroenergomontazh specialists performed works at Bushehr Nuclear Power Station in Iran. Since 2014 we have been involved into Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant construction.

We’ve got everything necessary to do that – technical equipment, a good deal of approved technological concepts, highly professional personnel with experience in installation works and with the state-of-the-art knowledge.

Thus, we face the future with confidence!

General Director  A.V. Tkachev