General construction

JSC «TSENTROENERGOMONTAZH» performs design and turnkey erection of different objects, including monolithic buildings, structures made of metal structures and sandwich panels. Also, finishing works of industrial premises of any complexity are carried out.

Most of the construction and installation works are united by one term: general construction works. They combine the whole range of activities from design to construction of infrastructure and supplying utility networks to the building.

General construction works allow our Customers not to waste time and money on finding and involving third-party contractors in the project for the construction of auxiliary facilities and infrastructure.

The cycle of general construction works includes:

• design and preparation work;

• earthworks, soil consolidation and piling;

• erection of monolithic structures made of concrete and reinforced concrete;

• assembly of concrete and reinforced concrete structures;

• erection of wooden, stone and metal structures;

• construction of protective structures for pipelines and equipment;

• roofing and frontside works;

• arrangement of premises, laying of engineering networks for electricity, gas, heat and water supply inside and outside;

• finishing, erection of separators, boxes and other internal structures;

•       commissioning works;

• construction of infrastructure, including highways and bridges, flyovers and overpasses, airfields;

• hydraulic engineering and diving works.

Construction of monolithic buildings and structures

Our company is capable of doing the turnkey construction of any reinforced concrete structures. Monolithic construction is very flexible and allows you to implement a large number of projects for various purposes.

Manufacturing and installation of buildings from metal structures and sandwich panels

We carry out the construction of buildings from lightweight sandwich panels and metal structures. Any purpose, according to standard projects or on order. Construction using these materials is inexpensive and does not take much time.

Finishing of industrial premises

Our construction teams are equipped with modern equipment and use the best materials and technologies in their work. Therefore, we manage to carry out finishing work as quickly as possible, minimizing the costs of downtime of production facilities.