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         It’s difficult to overestimate the result of works performed by one of the major organizations in the Republic of Belarus specialized in energy construction – Joint Stock Company Tsentroenergomontazh. These are dozens of electric power plants, generating electricity, heat and power for a countless number of plants, machines and tools in all industrial branches, in the field of science and technology. At present the Company is steadily developing and has excellent future prospects.

Expanding the might of the powerful country

         The history of the company is built up of experience, dedication to work and professional competence of people that put their efforts to create a powerful energy industry, the benefits of which are shared by nations on the CIS territory and in many countries of the world.


         The history of Tsentroenergomontazh, or TSEM for short, started in 1924, when, in accordance with the Council of National Economy Decree, JSC “TEPLO I SILA” – the ancestor company of the Trust “Tsentroenergomontazh” – was established through consolidation of separate small companies in Moscow. It was time to restore and maintain power facilities of industrial enterprises and implement the Plan of the State Commission for Electrification for Russia (GOELRO). Specialized construction and installation labour units were in great demand. On March 15, 1944, upon the order issued by the All-Union State Trust Tsentroenergomontazh, Belenergomontazh installation and production branch was established as a structural subdivision of the Trust, with the Head Office in Gomel, and later it underwent certain changes and reorganizations and grew into the present-day JSC Tsentroenergomontazh.

         Since the very beginning of its activities, the All-Union Trust TSEM got engaged into the electrification program of the USSR, performing installation works, ranging from locomobile stations at textile manufacturing companies and peat mining and processing companies of the European part of the USSR to power equipment at major combined heat and power plants. The company was engaged in launching of thermal power plants at major industrial complexes of the first five-year industrial plans, such as Uralmashplant, Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works, etc.

         During the years of the Great Patriotic War the Trust ensured generating capacity for the armament industry in the Urals and in Siberia. In the post-war period within short terms it restored combined heat and power plants in Central Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus.

         The company performed works at such large-scale power plants as Yaroslavl CHPP-2, Kurskaya and Kurganskaya CHPP, etc. TSEM – for the first time in the USSR – made assembly works and launched a power-generating unit with the unit capacity of 1200 MW at Kostromskaya SDPP, where turbine capacities yearly commissioning was raised up to 2020 thousand kW. A great breakthrough, which brought the company to the level of the all-union and even global importance, was serial installation of nuclear power plants. Nothing of the kind had ever been done before.

         The period of the USSR breaking-up was associated with the threat of losing Belorussian TSEM, which was a part of the All-Union Trust. TSEM was not stripped of its capacities in the way that many other enterprises were, and the credit for that must be given to the former director Igor Disman, who had ruled the company since the reformation period until lately. Owing to his efforts the company managed to keep the personnel and all the resources, to bring the company to a new level of development.

Orders are secured for the next three years

         Nowadays TSEM is a tight-knit team numbering about 800 competent experts, assuring high quality production in conformity with the requirements of ISO 9000 standards, the norms of the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation and the European Union.  Four times the enterprise was honored with the Government Award of the Republic of Belarus for Quality Achievement. TSEM major works include erection of thermal processing equipment and process pipelines at gas and petrochemical facilities, heat and nuclear power plants. By the way, a lot of companies, performing works on gas turbine equipment erection received their practical experience in JSC Tsentroenergomontazh, and the company has been proud thereof.

         A great amount of installation and construction works have been performed at present in the Republic of Belarus, including works at petrochemical facilities. Among JSC TSEM customers there have been such giants of Belarusian petrochemical industry as JSC Naftan, JSC Mozyr Oil Refinary, JSC Gomeltransneft Druzhba. JSC TSEM provides complex task solution, timely projects implementation and highly-recognized performance quality.

         Throughout its history, TSEM has actively participated in construction of energy complexes outside our country as well. As recently as during the last five years the company experts worked .on such projects in Russia as: Urengoy State District Power Station, Kaliningrad CHPP-2, Nizhnevartovsk CHPP, Novomoskovsk State District Power Station, etc. Last December 420 MW CCGT unit was completed at Moscow CHPP-16. Commissioning trials have been run at Moscow CHPP-20. The company has obtained great international experience working in Poland, Greece, Libya, Guinea, Iran, Cyprus and other countries.

         TSEM is steadily developing and has excellent future prospects. The near-term prospect is engagement in equipment and pipelines installation works in one of North African countries under agreements concluded with major power equipment manufacturers, – said General Director of JSC Tsentroenergomontazh Gennady Vasilkov. – The company is to take part in installation and constructions works.

         Power project Number One of great significance to our company is Belorussian power plant construction, where the company performs contractor works on turbine equipment and pipelines installation. Thus, the company’s orders have been secured through 2017-2018.

         The company provides extensive re-equipment and production modernization.  Different kinds of new welding equipment and a crane with the lifting capacity of 250 tons have been purchased. There are only several items of this type in Belarus.

Graduates come as workers, but not managers

          There is no shortage of qualified personnel in the successfully developing company. Young specialists, doing their 3d or 4th year at universities, come here to undergo practical training, to learn the specifics of the work, to get acquainted with the personnel, and more than 95 percent of the gradates receive postgraduate assignment to work in TSEM.

         In Soviet times, graduates of high educational establishments were employed as workers, and thus young specialists – just out of an institute – could work on their professional skills for about half a year, – told the Director of TSEM, who had started his career in the company as a worker and was no stranger to the specifics and subtleties of the work. – I sometimes call poor specialists “managers”. The word itself denotes nothing negative, but in this case the meaning is that such a “manager” comes and takes a position of a spectator, as soon as he himself does not know anything and cannot do anything. First, one should learn to work with hands, become a member of the team, to get to know the working place better, and then it will be easier to manage the process. That’s why those who are eager to blend into the team are offered to develop their professional skills first. Most young people agree.

         Those who work at JSC Tsentroenergomontazh have opportunities to realize their professional potential. For example, those who wish have a chance to learn additional professions or allied trades.

         We arrange allied trades specialist training courses. For example, young specialists, who came to work as installation staff, might wish to learn the profession of a welder, – emphasized Gennady Vasilkov. – There is no problem. We have a welding laboratory, where young specialists learn welding skills. I must say, the majority of our leading specialists, managers of structural divisions grow in the team. First, they become foremen, then site supervisors, etc. And everyone, who wants to master a profession and receive higher education in the field of the company profile, combining work and study, shall be given the green-light.

Concern for people in deed and not in name

         The Company’s collective labour agreement takes into consideration all aspects of the personnel employment (various benefits, the work and rest schedule, occupational safety, education opportunities), but there is something more that not every company can provide. For example, medical care insurance, provided for every employee by Beleximgarant, with the insurance amount sufficient for the most expensive medical checkup and a possibility to get treatment in case of necessity. Everyone gets personal insurance.

         To the extent possible, employees can be granted building loans, receive compensation of credit interest amounts.

         TSEM also takes care of those, who dedicated their best years to the company. Every retired specialist (that makes over 150 people) receives monthly welfare, and it’s a considerable amount of money. Such financial assistance is provided on occasions of the Day for the Elderly, the professional holiday, and other company’s prominent days. In spite of various difficulties the company meets 100 percent of terms and conditions of the labour agreement.

         JSC Tsentroenergomontazh has got a lot of partners and friends. TSEM is sure to accomplish designated missions and achieve new levels of power industry development in our country.


         I would like to congratulate the company, all our colleagues and our partners on the professional holiday – the Power Engineers’ Day!

         With all my heart, I wish you to keep energetic and be healthy for years to come! May all your dearest be always close to you to support you in time of need. I wish you further success, happiness and prosperity!

General Director

JSC Tsentroenergomontazh G.M.Vasilkov