General construction works

JSC «TSENTROENERGOMONTAZH» performs general construction works for objects of different types. We work with monolithic buildings and structures, we manufacture and carry out erection of buildings from metal structures and sandwich panels, we produce finishing of industrial premises. The company carries out a full range of works, including design, foundation and floor construction, erection of partitions, finishing, earthworks.

Today, most of the construction and installation work is combined into one – general construction work. This type of work includes a comprehensive service of construction projects at all stages, from the development of the project, approval of project documentation and ending with the supply of engineering communications to the building.

General construction works have become of great importance, since an integrated approach to solving most of the installation tasks costs the customer much more profitable than searching for individual performers for various works, while general construction works are carried out in a shorter time. We work with monolithic buildings and structures, we manufacture and carry out assembly of buildings from metal structures and sandwich panels, we produce finishing of industrial premises and much more.

General construction work is a whole complex of processes for the construction of a completely finished building or object.

General construction works:

  • Preparatory work
  • Earth excavation
  • Pilework.
  • Soil stabilization;
  • Construction of concrete and reinforced concrete monolithic structures
  • Installation of prefabricated concrete and reinforced concrete structures
  • Works on the device of stone structures
  • Installation of metal structures
  • Installation of wooden structures
  • Protection of building structures, pipelines and equipment
  • Roofing device
  • Facade works
  • Arrangement of internal engineering systems and equipment of buildings and structures
  • Arrangement of external water supply networks
  • Arrangement of external sewerage networks
  • Arrangement of external heat supply networks
  • Arrangement of external gas supply networks
  • Arrangement of external electrical networks
  • Installation works
  • Commissioning works
  • Arrangement of roads and airfields
  • Construction of bridges, flyovers and overpasses
  • Hydraulic works, diving works

We also provide services:

The construction of monolithic buildings and structures is a modern way of constructing various objects. It is actively used when it is necessary to quickly build a building of an extraordinary shape. The main principle of monolithic construction of structures is that an auxiliary structure with reinforcement inside is involved in the process.

Manufacturing and installation of buildings from metal structures and sandwich panels is a unique construction technology that allows you to build any object in the shortest possible time, regardless of its initial parameters: number of storeys, area, shape. An excellent result is achieved due to the fact that the sandwich panels are resistant to negative environmental influences, and also have a sufficient margin of safety, as for a building material.

The finishing of industrial premises is a multifaceted procedure that is carried out according to a certain standard. In particular, the finishing of industrial premises includes a number of important operations – painting and tiling, installation of stretch ceilings, installation of heating and lighting systems. In addition, all of the above tasks should be solved in a comprehensive manner, taking into account the risks associated with the specifics of production.