Commissioning is always mandatory. In fact, they represent the final stage of construction and installation work. Almost at any facility, such manipulations are carried out as testing and complex adjustment of equipment of different types, including individual devices, mechanisms and engineering systems.

At this stage installation is carried out with the subsequent elimination of all defects, if they were identified at the stage of studying the object or testing the equipment. By the way, the main purpose of the commissioning is to check the operability of the equipment, as well as to set up the operating mechanisms in operational conditions (using streams).

Only after completing the commissioning, it is possible in practice to make sure that the equipment meets the state standards for the requirements of working documentation, which are indicated in the technical regulations. Commissioning, including testing of power equipment, takes place in several stages:

1. Trial run and setup of equipment;

2. launching the equipment in test mode;

3. Carrying out various express tests for more precise adjustment of the equipment;

4. checking the operability of auxiliary mechanisms.