• Steam and hot water boilers for any type of fuel

• Installation of steam and gas turbine units

• Hydro turbine equipment

• Installation of technological pipelines

• Internal and external gas pipelines

• Gas compressor stations

• Steel structures

• Turbine generators

• Pumping and compressor equipment

• Installation of heating networks

• Insulation of pipelines

• Installation of main and auxiliary plant systems

JSC «TSENTROENERGOMONTAZH» provides services for the installation of power equipment (steam and gas turbines (turbine units), industrial compressor equipment). The whole complex of installation works consists of four stages.

The first stage is the organization and preparation of installation work. At this stage, before the start of work, the following activities should be performed at the facility:

• receiving work documentation for the installation of power equipment;

• confirmation: schedules for the supply of equipment, products and materials, taking into account the technological sequence of work; a list of equipment installed with the involvement of the installation supervision personnel of the supplier enterprises; conditions of transportation to the place of installation of heavy and large-sized equipment;

• the necessary premises were taken to accommodate teams of workers, engineers and technicians, the production base, as well as for the storage of materials and tools with the provision of measures for labor protection, fire safety and environmental protection;

• a project for the production of works was developed, the engineering and technical workers and foremen were familiarized with working documentation and estimates, organizational and technical solutions of the project for the production of works;

• the acceptance was carried out according to the act for the installation of power devices and the measures for labor protection, fire safety and environmental protection in the course of work were carried out as provided for by the rules and regulations.

The second stage is installation work.

The third stage is the implementation of commissioning works. Commissioning is a set of works, including checking, adjusting and testing power equipment in order to ensure the required parameters and modes specified by the project.

The work of the commissioning organization is considered completed subject to the signing of the acceptance certificate for the commissioning.

The final stage of the complex of installation works of power equipment is testing and commissioning of the facility.