Maintenance and repair

At the moment, in conditions of limited and high cost of energy sources, it is necessary to constantly modernize and reconstruct the existing generating capacities. The service department of JSC «TSENTROENERGOMONTAZH» offers a wide range of services for the maintenance of steam and gas turbines.

Our goal in turbine maintenance is to minimize downtime, reduce life cycle costs and improve overall turbine performance while meeting all safety and environmental requirements.

• Repair of steam, gas and hydro turbine equipment of all types and manufacturers, compressors, pumping units

• Repair of modular block stations, gas compressor packages

• Full service maintenance of equipment (gas turbine units, steam turbines, hydro turbines)

• Supply of components and spare parts

• Manufacturing of special equipment

Warranty service

• Technological support

• Provision of technical assistance, including by the chief staff, during the work

Special works:

• Induction heating of the turbine cylinder studs by the “SFEX-17” unit for “hot” tightening of turbine cylinders with supercritical parameters.

• Induction heating of bearings, half-couplings (fitted parts with interference) by the BALTECH HI-1630 installation

• Reaming (boring of the holes of the coupling halves to achieve their alignment), honing (achieving the specified cleanliness) of the holes in the couplings of the shafts (rotors) of turbines, pumps with a reamer “WS 1Plus”

• Restoring the holes of the turbine coupling halves to the design values ​​by surfacing with a reamer “WS 1Plus”.

• Laser alignment of shafts (rotors) of turbines, pumps, compressors

• Laser alignment of parts of the turbine flow path

• Grinding, polishing of the rotor journal in its own bearings in the station conditions

• Grinding the thrust flange of the rotor

• Grinding of УВГ ring-type necks

• Grinding, processing of rotor parts in the cylinder