Package supply of power equipment

JSC «TSENTROENERGOMONTAZH» holds a leading position in Belarus in the field of providing industrial facilities with the necessary equipment. Due to the longterm experience, we have developed an effective algorithm for the prompt delivery of big orders. Working with us means fulfilling obligations on time and full support at all stages of supply and construction. Our experts study the features of the Customer’s industrial facility in order to provide it with the most functional, economical, reliable equipment, taking into account the minimum production time. Additional guarantees – long-standing and strong contacts with the world’s leading manufacturers, ensuring the consistent quality of supplied components for industrial facilities.

The turnkey project is carried out in several stages:

  • Study of all the features of the object.
  • Making a project.
  • Equipment delivery.
  • Tracking the implementation of the project.
  • Erection of structures and installation of equipment.
  • Start up of the finished object.

Implementation of the project from JSC «TSEM» is:

  • optimized production processes;
  • work only with the most competent subcontracting companies;
  • shortened construction time due to the immediate start of work on the construction of facility units as soon as individual sub-items of the working documentation are ready;
  • unification of technical solutions and technologies;
  • installation of industrial equipment in close cooperation with representatives of manufacturing companies;
  • well-functioning logistics scheme, attraction of all necessary equipment, selection of qualified personnel, uninterrupted transportation of building materials;
  • location of materials and equipment in a common warehouse;
  • efficient distribution of contract resources during the construction of the facility;
  • replacement of a subcontractor in a short time, in case of failure to fulfill its obligations.

Power equipment.

Combined Cycle Plants

The design is based on steam and gas turbines. These compact units are erected in a short time in the immediate vicinity of the customer’s facility, which allows you to receive your own electricity without additional costs.

EC&I equipment

Reliable instrumentation and automation from JSC «TSEM» provide full automation and control over all major processes in production.

Electrical equipment

Reliable supply of the facility with electricity at the expense of electrical assemblies, instruments and devices supplied by JSC «TSEM» is a guarantee of uninterrupted operation of the enterprise.