Engineering services

Work execution plan

The range of services provided by our company includes project support from the beginning to its finalization. Our experts will evaluate its feasibility and will implement it in a timely manner and ensure the maximum efficiency of the final product during further operation.

The basis of engineering is the development of a work execution plan, without which any construction and installation work is prohibited. It consists of: a calendar plan, a construction plan, technological schemes (maps) for individual works, a system description, which allows:

• organize a construction site;

• confirm the necessity of the work;

• perform work in the winter;

• deduce the requirements for the quality and acceptance of works;

• requirements for safety and labor protection, as well as fire safety were formed;

• plan activities to protect the environment.

Steel structures details (SSD)

In addition to work execution plan, we provide services for the development of sections of steel structures details with the creation of detailing, assembly, installation drawings / diagrams