Installation of power equipment from JSC «TSEM» (steam and gas turbine units, turbine generators of pumps and compressors, etc.) is carried out only by qualified specialists with the necessary permissions, and only with the help of a high-precision modern instrumental base.

Installation work takes place in four stages:

At the first stage, the preparation and organization of the installation process is carried out, when necessary, before starting work, do the following:

• received working documentation for the installation of power units;

• drafted and agreed upon: terms of delivery of equipment, components and materials in accordance with the sequence of work; a list of equipment that is planned to be installed with the participation of specialists from manufacturers; methods of transporting heavy and bulky equipment units to the assembly site;

• prepared and accepted premises for working personnel, engineering and technical staff, production premises, areas for storing materials and tools, taking into account the requirements for labor protection, fire safety and compliance with environmental standards;

• a project for the production of works (PPR) was drawn up;

• engineers and technicians and foremen should be familiar with the RD, estimates, organization process and technical features of PPR;

• an act of installation of power equipment was drawn up and the devices were handed over / accepted on it;

• carried out, in accordance with the standards, all measures for labor protection, fire safety and environmental protection.

The second stage includes all equipment installation work.

At the third stage, commissioning works are carried out. This process itself is a check, the necessary settings and a trial run of power equipment are done in order to identify possible defects, as well as for the final setting of the required parameters, modes provided for in the project. In the absence of malfunctions in the functioning of the equipment, the commissioning company is issued a signed acceptance certificate.

At the fourth, final stage, the last tests are carried out, and the object is handed over to the customer for further operation.

We carry out installation:

Steam and heating water boilers

JSC «TSENTROENERGOMONTAZH»carries out installation of boiler equipment, taking into account the characteristics of the Customer’s facility. Each individual project includes not only the installation of the boiler itself, but also the connection of pumps, connection of pipelines, as well as connection of control systems.

Steam and gas turbine units

The restoration, installation and modernization of steam and gas turbines requires not only highly qualified specialists, but also the availability of modern measuring and installation tools. All this is present at JSC «TSENTROENERGOMONTAZH», which allows us to meet the customer’s requirements in a high-quality manner.

Hydroturbine equipment

JSC «TSENTROENERGOMONTAZH» carries out the whole range of works on installation, restoration, maintenance of the main and auxiliary units of hydroelectric power plants.

Installation of technological pipelines

JSC «TSEM» is engaged in the installation of technological pipelines from any materials. Our specialists carry out high-quality and reliable pipe laying at objects of any complexity.

Internal and external gas pipelines

JSC «TSEM» carries out the installation of gas pipelines and gasification of industrial facilities on a turnkey basis, from clearing and preparation of the territory to the restoration of adjacent territories after the commissioning of the object.

Gas compression stations

JSC «TSENTROENERGOMONTAZH» carries out installation and construction, as well as the launch of compressor equipment at industrial facilities. The work is carried out in compliance with all recommendations and requirements of equipment manufacturers, in strict accordance with the project and ensuring safe conditions for further operation.

Steel structures

The assembly of any industrial metal structures is one of the main activities of OJSC TSEM. The speed and quality of installation work is achieved due to the availability of our own equipment and technology, as well as a staff of highly qualified specialists.

Turbine generators

JSC «TSENTROENERGOMONTAZH» carries out all types of work on the installation, repair and modernization of turbine equipment. The end result guarantees the reliability and durability of its operation.

Pump and compressor equipment

Installation of pumping equipment requires special qualifications. Our specialists carry out the installation of pumps and compressors from laying the foundation to commissioning of finished stations.

Installation of heating systems

Our company designs and builds heating systems for any heat supply sources. We undertake not only the installation, but also the development of the project, as well as the collection of the necessary documentation.

Insolation of pipelines

Thermal insulation of pipelines significantly reduces heat loss, protects the object from the effects of low temperatures, protects personnel from burns and neutralizes the formation of condensation.

Main and auxiliary plant-wide systems

JSC  «TSEM»  provides high-quality service, assembly and modernization of power plant units for both main and auxiliary purposes.

Supply and exhaust ventilation, aspiration systems (with its further assembly)

Our specialists install ventilation systems capable of ensuring normal air exchange in any type of production facility. A professional approach to the process guarantees the customer the efficiency and durability of ventilation and aspiration equipment.