JSC «TSEM» is involved in the manufacturing and design of multi-purpose metal structures, reservoirs and storage tanks, low pressure pipelines, connecting parts (fittings) for heating networks and gas pipelines, air heaters for boilers, tubular, screen and convective heating surfaces of any boilers, as well as equipment for individual, non-standard projects. All work is carried out on time. At every stage of production, we work closely with the Customer. Finished products are certified and passported.

изготовление энергетика


Metal structures regardless of the complexity of the project. We are also involved in designing independently, based on the wishes and needs of the Customer.

Storage tanks for hot water storage, which are a part of thermal energy storage (accumulation) units. In addition to the tanks, the unit includes a control system and auxiliary equipment. We carry out the construction of heat storage units on a turnkey basis with full subsequent maintenance.

Tanks and containers for various purposes: for food and chemical products, the needs of the oil and gas and oil refining complex.

Blocks and fittings (shaped items) of pipelines;

Blocks of support-suspension system of pipelines;

Traverses with blocks with a carrying capacity from 1.5 to 30 tons;

Frame traverses with lifting capacity from 1.5 to 140 tons;


Gas and air pipelines;

Non-standard equipment.