Commissioning works

The final stage of the project realization is its commissioning. To do this, it is required to carry out commissioning works, during which testing, tuning and the first launch of the entire complex of technological and electrical equipment, engineering networks, and infrastructure is carried out.

Activities within the commissioning also include the identification and elimination of all possible defects and errors that could have been made during construction.

One of the goals of commissioning is to carry out a full cycle of equipment tests not only under normal loads, but also under maximum permissible loads, with and without an operation environment. This allows you to objectively assess the quality of the construction and installation work, as well as check all equipment for compliance with the declared parameters before it is put into full operation.

Activities within the commissioning and testing of power equipment:

• preparation, adjustment and testing of equipment;

• Commissioning of the main and additional equipment;

• adjustment and trial run of individual units;

• operating and commissioning and express testing of equipment.