Engineering services

Engeneering services cover all stages of implementation of the project, from evaluating its efficiency to implementation of the product and ensuring it’s optimal operation.

Engineering includes

  1. Development of work execution plan.

Development of work execution plan include:

  • project schedule;
  • master plan;

•   Technological schemes (maps);

Explanatory note, including:

• Basis of decisions on the production of works;

• Organization of the construction site;

• Solutions and instructions for the production of work;

• Measures for the production of work in the winter;

• Requirements for the quality and acceptance of works;

• Requirements for safety and labor protection;

• Fire safety requirements;

• Environmental protection measures.

Development of steel structures details (SSD)

We develop sections «steel structures details» (SSD):

• detail drawings;

• assembly drawings;

• installation drawings and diagrams.

Work execution plan includes a lot of different documents. This documentation is of particular value, since it is issued specifically so that appropriate modern technologies are involved in the process of solving specific problems. They help to achieve the optimal organization of the workflow.

The development of drawings for steel structures details (SSD) is one of the important stages in the process of obtaining a project for the production of work. With this in mind, drawings can be easily compared to documents that contain valuable information. When you already have ready-made drawings on hand, you can proceed directly to the manufacture of parts. If there are no drawings, the initial data will not be enough to solve the problem, because without a general view of assembly units (parts) it is difficult to imagine any design.