Production of metal structures of any complexity is a process that is impacted by many factors. There is no point in talking about each of them, but the fact that specialists use different methods of metal processing, trying to fulfill the assigned tasks according to the drawings, already speaks of the high quality of the finished product.

Hot water storage tanks are produced in accordance with all modern standards. As a result, the vessels are subsequently successfully used at enterprises in the field of heat and power engineering. Such reservoirs are quite big in size, therefore they are always involved in various technological processes with liquid.

The production of tanks and vessels requires high qualifications from specialists. This is quite understandable, because this product, which will be used in the future to store various liquids, must be of high quality and reliable.

The production of blocks and fittings for pipelines is a separate field of production. Fittings are of particular value because they turn the pipeline into a single operating mechanism.

The production of Elements of the support-suspension system of pipelines. These structural elements perform only one function – protecting the pipeline from mechanical damage.

At the same time, the support itself must be reliable, but it should not create an additional load on the structure itself. Traverse with a lifting capacity of 1.5-140 t.

And also we are produce:


Gas and air pipelines;

Non-standard equipment.