Maintenance and repair work

JSC «TSENTROENERGOMONTAZH» provides different services for the repair and maintenance of steam and gas turbines.

Maintenance and repair of energy equipment is of great importance from the point of view of rational consumption of energy resources. Up-to-date modernization increases the efficiency of the equipment, and compliance with the rules of operation and maintenance significantly extends its service life.

In our work, we do our best to reduce the costs of our customers associated with equipment downtime. This is expressed not only in operational maintenance and repair, but also in methods of increasing the working resource. While not forgetting the observance of the rules for the protection of the environment and safety.

Repair of any turbine equipment, compressors and pumps, regardless of complexity, type and model

• steam, gas and hydro turbine equipment;

• block stations of modular type;

• gas compressor stations;

• supply of spare parts and consumables;

• manufacturing of tooling;

• warranty repair, service and technological support;

• technical assistance of the chief staff during the work.

Special work

• “hot” tightening of turbine cylinders with supercritical parameters using induction heating of the cylinder studs using the “SFEX-17” unit;

• induction heating of fitted parts with interference (bearings, half-couplings, etc.) by the BALTECH HI-1630 installation;

• reaming and honing of holes in the couplings of the rotors of pumps and turbines, as well as bringing the holes to the design values ​​using the “WS 1Plus” reamer;

• alignment of turbine flow path units, as well as compressor rotors, turbines, pumps on laser equipment;

• polishing and grinding of the thrust ridge and rotor neck;

• grinding and machining of ring-type UVG necks and rotor parts in the cylinder;

• full service maintenance of equipment (gas turbine units, steam turbines, hydro turbines).