INSTALLATION of technological equipment in the nuclear power industry is an especially important process, since installation violations can lead not only to a local accident at the enterprise, but also entail serious environmental consequences. Taking into account the high requirements for the quality of installation and the complex interconnection of technological equipment, assembly operations in the total scope of work can be up to 40-50%.

The company «TSENTROENERGOMONTAZH» is involved in the installation of complicated power equipment – industrial compressor units, steam turbines. Assembly operations is carried out in 4 stages.

The first stage includes organization and preparation operations for further installation of equipment. At this stage, before starting assembly operations, the following is carried out:

  • necessary documents and acts are collected to start work on the installation of power equipment;
  • there is a settlement: the delivery time of the necessary units, products and materials (the plan for the implementation of works with technological developments is taken into account); the list of equipment, the installation of which is carried out by the specialists of the organizations supplying the units; methods of delivery of heavy vehicles to the facility;
  • accommodation (for groups of workers, engineers and technical specialists (engineers)) and specially designed premises for the performance of work and maintenance of the material and tool base, taking into account the regulations on safety for people, the environment and the safety of industrial premises;
  • exploration of the preliminary project for the work, carried out informing the engineers and technicians, as well as the foremen with the calculation of costs, a set of working drawings and text documents, with project plans relating to the organization and conducting of work;

• the acceptance was carried out according to the act for the installation of power equipment, fulfilled, established by the norms and rules aimed at preserving the safety of people, the environment, and production facilities during work.

The second stage – installation works.

The third stage concerns the implementation of work on the start-up and operation of equipment (pre-commissioning activities). The implementation of measures related to the verification, adjustment and testing of power units is underway. Certain modes and parameters are set according to the design documentation.

Pre-commissioning activities are considered completed and satisfactory upon signing a special act, when pre-commissioning activities are accepted.

The last stage of work scope on the installation of power equipment is testing of units and its further transfer for operation at the facility.